The name ‘Cartier’ first revealed a family legend

Jewelry master Cartier. The name ‘Cartier’ first revealed a family legend, created in Paris in 1847, and passed through generations to become a great cause. Cartier jewellery masters and generations of descendants have the vision and expertise to win the favor of the European royal family, nobles and the global elite. Not satisfied with creating only gorgeous jewelry, Cartier’s products are increasingly diverse, covering a wide range of daily treasures, including watches, decorative accessories, office supplies and smoking. The Cartier style seeks a customer base that is culturally rich, eager for elegance and new things. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the love of Cartier was inspired by travel, archaeology or all love from foreign things. The fertility of Russia, Egypt, Persia, India and the Far East is deeply attracted to the European society that is eager for exoticism. Cartier’s creation at that time complied with this desire. The ‘Dream of Asia’ special exhibition presented Cartier’s masterpiece at the time. Love has always been a thousand things. The first encounter with the instigation, accompanied by the sweetness, the firmness of the defense, love is no longer in the turn to achieve its most unique beauty. This year, 520, Cartier’s creative ‘Love Maze’ interactive experience, inspired by the Amulette de Cartier series, carefully designed 5 labyrinths to open the surprise of love.