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Her two sons were still children when they slept the first night, and when they woke up the next day, they were already one, full of strength and revenge. They set out for revenge and first came to Teg. It is just that the two sons of Figueus, Palonnos and Agenor, have just brought the unfortunate sister Arjunoe to there and are ready to go to Delphi to take Aphrodite’s ominous treasure. Dedicated to the Temple of Apollo. When the two youths rushed up, Palonnos and Agenol did not know what was going on. They did not wait for them to ask about the cause of the attack, that is, they were killed by two brothers. The two brothers explained to Agapanol the story of the matter Knock off Van cleef & arpels clover jewelry, and then went to Perthofes in Agadia. They walked into the palace and killed King Figueus and the Queen.

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After they came back safely, they told their mother that they had avenged their father. Later, they followed the advice of their grandfather Akelos cartier love bracelet fake, went to Delphi, and dedicated the necklace and veil to the Temple of Apollo. When this incident was completed, the disaster suffered by the Anfi Alasian family was finally eliminated. His grandsons, the sons of Alkmaison and Karelhohe, Akarnan and Amfort Ross, recruited immigrants in Epirus and established the Kingdom of Akarnania. And Clutius, the sons of Alkmeon and Arjuno, also left the mother’s relatives with hatred after the father was killed, fled to Ellis and lived there.