Fresh Things – Retrospective of Van Cleef

Fresh Things – Retrospective of Van Cleef \u0026 Arpels Collection: Jewelry is a camera that keeps track of past events. The Jewelry House was invited to participate in the Van Cleef \u0026 Arpels Van Cleef \u0026 Arpels “Van Cleef \u0026 Arpels Van Cleef \u0026 Arpels Collection” at the Today Art Museum in Beijing cartier love bracelet fake. Champagne is delicious, accompanied by a melodious violin sound van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace replica, allowing guests to linger over more than 360 pieces of art and enjoy the unique and charming atmosphere of the family Knock off Van cleef & arpels clover jewelry.

Fresh Things - Retrospective of Van Cleef

The Van Cleef \u0026 Arpels collection of retrospectives attracted many French friends to come to the exhibition. Before the official start of the exhibition, Van Cleef \u0026 Arpels held a small reception on the third floor of the Today Art Museum. On the same day, many French friends who loved the works of the family came to the exhibition, and colleagues from the Van Cleef \u0026 Arpels brand in Paris also made a special trip to share the feast from Beijing on the 22nd square. After the reception, the Van Cleef \u0026 Arpels brand gave a speech to the guests and showed us the latest production of the promotional film. What I have to say is that the family also specially invited the famous cellist Noel in the evening to improperly perform live performances. With the gradual progress of the song chapter, everyone present is deeply impressed by the charm of music. Appreciating the sound of instrumental music, all visitors can go to the second floor to continue their exhibition. In order to hold this four-month jewellery retrospective, Van Cleef \u0026 Arpels staff made a special trip from France to Beijing to carefully design and set the scene of the pavilion, each of which was presented in the best posture. After careful consideration. According to a thoughtful tour of the site, one of the works was just a matter of placement, and it took a full eight hours of staff.