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Shame Rings – In Canada, it is not difficult to find that some tech experts and scholars wear a steel ring of the same shape on the ring finger of their left hand. They are all graduates of the prestigious Canadian Institute of Technology, and this ring is known as the ‘shame ring.’ The Canadian Institute of Technology is not only famous throughout the country, but also has a high reputation in the international arena. In the history of the school, there has been a tragic incident that almost wiped out the reputation of the school—the tragedy from the Quebec Bridge . In 1900, the Quebec Bridge began construction across the St. Lawrence River. In order to build the longest bridge in the world at the time, the bridge that might have become an immortal masterpiece was designed by engineers to grow from 500 meters to 600 meters. On August 29, 1907, when the bridge was about to be completed, it collapsed, at least 75 people were killed and many others were injured. In 1913, the design and construction of the bridge resumed, in September 1916, due to a certain support point. The material indicators are not in place and the tragedy is repeated again. This time, the longest bridge in the middle suddenly collapsed, killing 10 workers. In 1917, the bridge was finally opened to traffic and became one of the largest bridges to date. In 1922, the seven major engineering colleges in Canada paid for all the wreckage during the collapse process and decided to turn these steel bars into a ring for the subsequent engineering school graduates Knock off Van cleef & arpels clover jewelry. In order to remember this accident, and to commemorate the victims of the accident, the ring was designed to be twisted like a wreck. Later, this tradition has continued, and the one of the engineers’ rings has become the most expensive ring in the world. They are worn on the little finger of the engineer’s usual hand, which is a warning and a warning. They are not gold, not silver, but they are precious. They are the flesh and blood of dozens of victims, and they are the alarms of engineers. They are less precious and eternal than diamonds, but they are always reminding engineers of their responsibilities, and engineers are responsible for the safety of others’ short-lived lives! For a long time, graduates of the Canadian Institute of Technology have kept in mind the lessons of the shame ring at work. In the pursuit of excellence and dedication, it has made great contributions to the development of the country. Now, although this shameful ring is still worn on the fingers of all graduates, the meaning of shame has long been eliminated and replaced by a sign of honor. Everyone is eager to succeed, and they are eager to exchange sweat and flowers with applause. But when the cruel reality of failure breaks down the good ideals, do we lament the injustice of fate, or do we think deeply in front of the truth? This shameful ring reflects the courage of the infinite, true winner In the face of failure van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace replica, there is enough courage to bear everything.